Perspectives on Science & Technology, Lessons in Units of Measure

Occasionally one will come across a chart, graph or nomograph which provides a unique perspective on some particular unit-of-measure. An example is "Feynman's Distance Perspective Chart".

Typically the particular illustration will be focused more on one individual scientific or technological field of endeavor. Hence, on this page, these illustrations are organized in a two-tier approach. First the unit-of-measure heading or tier which is then followed by the "field of endeavor" heading or tier. For a list of the units-of-measure and "fields of endeavor" covered go to the "Perspective Block Introduction" page of this site.

The sources for these illustrations are varied. Typically the link will direct the user to the web-based source of the illustration. If the illustration is out of a book, a second link providing access to purchase of the original book the illustration is found in is also provided. If the source of the illustration is a journal or magazine article, again, a second link providing access to purchase a reprint of the article the illustration is found in is also provided.

If you are aware of any unique perspective providing charts, graphs or nomographs, that you think should be included here, let us know.


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